Hi, I’m Oksana! Edinburgh wedding photographer working across Scotland, UK, Holland, NL & available for destination weddings. Quirky and elegant is what I do. I believe in love and in happiness. I adore Edinburgh. But I love Scotland and the people living here. The famous Scottish weather with its mood swings makes this beautiful land the most romantic and magical place on our Planet (at least for me). And if you like historical places that evoke the imagination (with history presenting itself in every cobblestone), stunning landscapes and adventure in pure nature barely touched by human beings, then Scotland is a right place to go.

Just few facts about me. I have PhD in Physics, which just adds to my quirkiness. I lived in The Netherlands for about 11 years and studied photography in Amsterdam. Then in 2013 I have moved to Edinburgh, where my love for a wedding photography flourished. Due to personal reasons since 2019 I am temporary based near The Hague, The Netherlands, but I photograph weddings mostly in Scotland.

And as any human being I have secrets. Like having more than 30 pairs of shoes in my closet or reading fantasy books about magic. And I consider myself lucky enough as I love what I do and love people around me. My husband is my best friend to whom I’ve been married for as long as I can remember. We have two gorgeous daughters, who turn sometimes into cheeky little monsters, and they bring much joy and vibrant chaos to our lives every single day.

I shoot weddings because it is my way of living. I like people, emotions and people in love. The most important part of my work on every wedding is to make everyone around me happy! All I want is you to see how amazing you are together, to show the true you with all your emotions and beauty. And no matter how many weddings I shoot, they still make me cry with happiness.


The most treasured pictures are not mine. These are the old family pictures. The ones with my mum and my grand parents. It is all that is left for me now. I love my parents wedding pictures. Probably because they look so young, happy and a bit shy in these candid photos from the past. Because all their life together is not written yet. It makes me smile with tears. My mum was strong-willed person, always helping us and others, passionate, intelligent and amazingly beautiful too. She fell ill quite young and after that their life together was not the same. Still I know very well that my dad and she were happy and in love. As love is a beautiful gift, it is our treasure and our miracle.